Cystic Acne - Deep Dive with Emme Diane


Hi Babes!!

Something I’ve been open about besides struggles with my weight is dealing with cystic, hormonal, adult acne. I know it sounds dramatic because a lot of people look at me and probably think “she doesn’t have any acne,” but as a kid I was someone who rarely ever had a pimple or blemish!  

Honestly I was one that never had to wear make-up or worry about what my face looked like, but the older I got the more pimples I would get --- and they weren’t your common tiny period break outs, they were painful, underground, bleeding pimples – sometimes taking 7-10 days to heal --- ouch!! Not only were they painful but SO embarrassing!!

 Similar to my weight loss journey dealing with my skin was something I would always fix tomorrow or just complain about and expect it to change. After many years of frustration and trying all the drying creams, miracle face products, etc. I decided it was time to consult an expert. I finally saw a dermatologist and after looking at my skin for about 30 seconds she decided I needed birth control and Spironolactone. I’ve never taken birth control so I told her no to that and I remember Spiro working for my friend so I thought I’d give it a go! I know this medicine has worked for SO MANY people but for me it didn’t do the trick --- I became super light headed while taking it so decided to stop ASAP — sad day!

 I took a break from trying to solve the issue until I was scrolling Instagram and discovered Emme Diane, a skincare specialist in Scottsdale, AZ --- oh how I miss that place :)

 She had so many skincare transformations that I knew her work had to be legit – rule number one always do your research! The consultation was FREE so I thought why not and decided to sign up!

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Right away Emme had me fill out an in-depth questionnaire about what make up I wear, skin care products I use, shampoo/conditioner, and what my diet is like so she can really understand the root of the problem! The most amazing part about this whole process is it’s all VIRTUAL! I mean of course I wish I would’ve met Emme when I lived in Scottsdale and I definitely plan to meet her someday, but with someone like me who has an extremely busy schedule she’s been so accommodating and it’s way easier to connect via email!

 Within a few days she returned the questionnaire and the biggest things she found that could be triggers to my acne were:

  • Dairy – which I knew but I honestly didn’t really consume dairy besides skim milk in my coffee and Greek yogurt – I’ve eliminated these for skincare and for my gut health suggestions from (Green Circle Wellness – see my #guthealth blog). Emme makes her program so realistic by providing alternatives to the most common things people enjoy - que creamer, ice cream, cheese lol! Just a few of many of Emme’s dairy safe suggestions <3

    •  Califia farms coffee creamer

    •  So Delicious ice cream

    • Kite Hill cheeses

    • Vega Sport – Y’all know I LOVE this!!

  • Makeup – obviously struggling with acne I try to COVER up A LOT! WOOPS!! She found most the make-up I was using was clogging my pores – I honestly thought she was going to send me a laundry list of unaffordable all natural make up options but she sent over everything from drug store, middle tier, and high-end options – which was such a relief!! One of her biggest reccos was Bare Minerals!

  • Shampoo/Conditioner – the shampoo and conditioner I was using also contained pore clogging ingredients – same thing here she offered all sorts of brand suggestions including L’Oreal and Kirkland brands that were sulfate free!

  • Peanuts/peanut butter are also major triggers due to having a high androgen hormone activity that is responsible for hormonal breakouts can have almonds, almond butter, any other nut or nut butter, just avoid the peanuts/peanut butter. 

On top of providing amazing recommendations from a diet/lifestyle stand point Emme provides simple, easy to use products with an in depth user guide! Like anything new … this is a process so we do check ins every 2 weeks as the program evolves the instructions change, but they are SUPER easy to follow! The first round of products that she sent along were part of her Acne Skin Set — It is a 2-3 month supply of product and contains the following:  

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  • A gentle cleanser – so light and takes ALL my make up off

  • Toner – no smell, so simple!

  • Skin quencher – gives me life

  • Hydraluxe cream – super hydrating but not heavy at all

  • Tinted sunscreen – a must for every day wear!

  • Clarifying serum - also very light

  • Acne eraser - amazing with no drying!

So far, my experience with Emme has been amazing! I never realized how many pore clogging ingredients I was using and the true root of my issues! After using her program, my goal is to be comfortable enough to not wear makeup every single day and really show off my NEW SKIN with CONFIDENCE!!

 I know how frustrating it can be to struggle with acne, especially as an ADULT so don’t be ashamed, because it’s WAYYY more COMMON than you think!

 If you have any questions regarding cystic acne please reach out to myself or DM Emme on


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