Easy Stir Fry Protein Bowl For Him and Her

Cooking with your significant other sometimes seems like the biggest issue for you gals! I mean our guys can legit slather butter on everything and not gain and ounce but here I am looking at it and you know the drill!

Something I learned awhile back is that YOU CAN BE HEALTHY while dating and in a relationship. John knows exactly how I cook and he’s adjusted his lifestyle to meet mine or we meet in the middle! We try to make protein packed meals where we can each customize to our liking!

One of the easiest things for us to whip us is stir fry protein bowls because we can both add what we like and eliminate what we don’t! Here’s an easy 15-20 minute recipe for you!

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  • chicken

  • avocado

  • frozen corn

  • frozen broccoli

  • green onions

  • yellow onions

  • green pepper

  • brown rice - I use TJs microwaveable

  • sauce of choice - I use TJs peanut stir fry sauce or their red chili sweet sauce

  • olive oil spray


  • Cut veggies and spray a sauce pan with olive oil spray then add corn, onion, green peppers, and frozen broccoli for about 10-15 minutes add salt and pepper!

  • While that’s cooking in a separate pan start cooking your chicken - I season mine with salt, pepper, paprika and cook until it’s browned but of course not dry!

  • Microwave brown rice

  • Sauce the veggies while in the pan

  • Combine all ingredients in a bowl, top with green onions, and add avocado!

Hope you guys are having the best start to the NEW YEAR!!


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