Gut Health With Green Circle Wellness

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For years, I struggled with bloating and discomfort regardless of how healthy I was eating. You know what I’m talking about --- that can’t suck it in, lower belly blah feeling – it’s the worst. In the last year I’ve noticed a more common theme to it and instead of complaining about it I really want to solve the issue. I discovered Green Circle Wellness, a holistic clinic that focuses on nutritional concepts to live a healthy lifestyle. I heard a lot of good things from close friends, Instagram, etc so I booked my appointment ASAP. I knew it was time to kick this bloating to the curb and experiment with my body.

Before my first appointment I had to fill out variety of paperwork so the the Doctor and nurses could understand my day to day better, background etc. From that point I sat down with Dr. Dina Pavinolis and her team to explain the issues I was experiencing which included bloating, weight gain, lack of energy, and decrease in appetite. As someone who considers themselves pretty healthy I knew these things weren’t normal. Dr. P agreed so we decided it would be best to do a series of tests including blood work, urine, and a stool sample. I know it’s TMI but it had to be done! The tests are for food intolerances, hormone levels, vitamin deficiencies, and basically to get an overall look at how my body is functioning. Once I sent everything in we booked a follow up appointment 2 weeks later to analyze the results and develop a plan of action to solve the problem.

 The Results

Submitting that much information I was bound to get A LOT of insight back … so keep in mind these results are specific to my body and I am still learning to understand them. Basically, the tests showed that there is disruption in my gut which is not allowing foods to process properly and is inhibiting my body to break them down. Additionally, there are vitamin deficiencies, and food intolerances leading to lack of energy and an overall decrease in body performance.

Here is what we found through the tests:

  •  IgG test (Food Antibody assessment) shows delayed allergic reactions to the foods below:

    • Garlic, shrimp (which you guy know I eat ALL the time), cow’s milk, yogurt, kidney beans/pinto beans (another thing I eat A LOT), and gluten

  • Nutral eval results (assesses antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc.)

    • Deficient in B-vitamins, Vitamin C, Omega 3 oils, and a-Lipoic Acid (plays a role I energy production)

  • GI map (takes a look at detoxification)

    • High beta-glucuronidase levels which are the cause of high estrogen levels, or causing problems with liver detoxification which causes toxins to re-absorbed back into the body rather than being eliminated through the gut – not fun!

Next Steps

  • Main goals are to detox my liver and the heal gut, which will be done through a food plan and with supplements including GastroMend HP, Calclium D-Glucarate, and Alpha Base Capsules with Iron

  • I will be going Dairy-free and Gluten-free with focus to heal my gut - this will be temporary based on how I feel

  • I will be incorporating a green juice with celery, cucumber, and lemon every morning – I will be posting recipes on my Instagram – if I don’t do juice I will do water and lemon each morning

  • I will be focusing on fruits, veggies, fish, lean meats, healthy fats, and carbs which won’t be much different than my normal diet besides eliminating dairy and gluten .. the biggest changes for me will be removing:

    • Greek yogurt – sad day – this is still a great source of protein

    • Whey protein – so Vega Sport will be a go to

    • Kirkland/quest protein bars – frown – I’ll make my own – recipes to come :)

    • Sugar free vanilla - oat milk will be a go to

    • Shrimp – I’ll be focusing on chicken, salmon, and ground turkey

    • Oats will be replaced with gluten free oats

    • I will still be following macros to the best of my ability at least protein specifically so I do not lose muscle – aka I will consume 145g of protein a day!

  • I’ll be taking the tests again in six weeks to reevaluate how I feel and adjust protocol as needed

  • I really want to provide you with amazing tips, tricks, etc so please feel free to reach out with questions!

My Approach

If you’ve followed me for a while you know right away I don’t do diets, I’m not about “fads,” and I aim for living a healthy realistic lifestyle. As someone who has struggled with on and off dieting the last thing I want to do is deprive my body because I know that only leads to doing well, falling off, feeling guilty and so forth. I spent too many years thinking you had to suffer to lose weight or look the way you want to and I know that’s just not the case anymore, so that is not the purpose of this post. The purpose is to figure out what is causing my issues and incorporate more foods into my life that are helpful for my body instead of inflaming it. I just want to be forward with you and let you know I will be doing this with a balanced approach!

My Advice

If you are struggling with gut health, bloat, fatigue, etc I don’t think it can hurt to see a Doctor. Also, I think doing an elimination diet is useful to see what is causing the issues aka is it gluten, dairy, certain veggies like cauliflower, broccoli, etc and incorporating probiotics into your day to day! Obviously, I’d seek an expert but through direct messages, etc I’ve seen a lot of women start with these tips!


As I mentioned I found Green Circle Wellness through friends and this was not a sponsored activity – so I did go through insurance and pay out of pocket. For my followers, the GCW is offering your first consultation free! Just mention Froyotofitness at booking. This is typically $75. I’m really excited about this next chapter in my journey! My main goal is always to live the healthiest way I can and I know how many of you can relate to this topic! I also know it can be embarrassing to open up about so if you have any questions please email or my instagram



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