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About MaryKate

Hi babe! I'm MaryKate and I'm ready to empower you to be the best YOU yet! I am a NASM certified personal trainer with a love for all things food, fitness, and fun!

As a former Division 1 athlete I have always been active, but always struggled with my weight, YOYO dieting, and finding balance when it came to eating and exercise. Weighing 175lbs all the way down to 120lbs and back up I know what it feels like to have no control, want to give up, and have your “diet start tomorrow.” After years of battling on and off dieting I knew I had to change my ways! It wasn’t until I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona that I truly changed my life.

In 2015, I discovered Kayla Itsines #BBG program and saw such amazing results I finally grew the courage to share my story through a fitness instagram @MovementbyMK (formerly Froyotofitness). Soon enough
I was recognized by the BBG community multiple times and even featured in Cosmopolitan, Pop Sugar Fitness, and more! BBG was really the first step into finding a love for fitness again and learning what it took to not only look good, but FEEL good! It was at this time that I started to feel a power within me that I had a calling ...

I was on an airplane for work one day for my full time job and I had an “AH HA” moment where I was responding to direct message after direct message on instagram. I thought to myself “I have valuable knowledge and experience that could help so many women.” It was then when the Movement by MK was born! I launched my 12 week Movement guide in May of 2018 and later on her 6 week guide, which both have helped thousands of women around the world! Community is everything to me, so I focus on bringing the community together through coffee chats, local events, and even travel when I can to meet as many loyal babes as I can!

I currently live in Chicago and work in medical devices by day, but put my heart and soul into Movement by MK every single day! My core focus is to empower as many women as possible through healthy eating and killer workouts, so don’t miss out and be sure to follow along!

Movement By MK Pillars


I am here to get you moving! Movement is medicine and a tool to empower us to be the best version of ourselves!


My community is here to support you! To help you know you're not alone. We are here to inspire, motivate, and relate!

Realistic Lifestyle

I am all for living a healthy, realistic lifestyle, which I know sometimes means protein, fruits, and vegetables and other times wine and FROYO #balance

Movement is Medicine

Movement truly is my medicine! For years, I was living in a mindset that victimized myself. I wasn't good enough, strong enough, lucky enough! Crawling out of my own skin with anxiety thinking I couldn't change! I learned that movement is tool I could use to help EMPOWER me to KNOW I AM ENOUGH! My goal for you is to move your body in a way that FEELS good! It can be a 10 minute walk, quick ab circuit, or an intense SAVAGE SATURDAY, whatever it is get that body moving!!

I understand having aesthetic goals, but I think all change needs to come from the internal shift, which will then produce the external changes we desire. Movement = medicine.


Amazing things can happen when like-minded individuals come together for one common goal! I want you to FEEL good and meet other women who can support, inspire, and motivate you to be your best! Grab you friend, sister, cousin, mom and bring them along! We can all use more people by our sides to LIFT US UP!!

Realistic Lifestyle

We all know #balance is the hardest part! For years, I believed in quick fixes, being "strict," cutting out foods, and overall having no balance in my life! Sure could I do this for the short term? Yes, but then what happened when I CRAVED all the things?! You know what I'm saying, so why not enjoy your FROYO, wine whatever you like in moderation! This isn't a quick fix, it's a lifestyle! Let's start with the basics by snagging my FREE grocery list!

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