Frequently Asked Questions

Froyotofitness FAQ

Q: What type of format are the workouts?

A: Combination of heavy lifting and HIIT circuits with minimal cardio broken into legs, arms, back, shoulder/abs, and full body 5X/week

Q: How long are the workouts? 

A. Depending on how you stack the cardio they can range from 20-60 minutes 

Q: Can I do the workouts at home? 

A: Surely, as long as you have dumbbells, resistance bands for back work, and access to cardio machines or running outside 

Q: How many days a week is cardio required?

A: In the first 4 weeks of the program 3x/week, then 2x/week, then HIIT sprints are added as the weeks go on 

Q: Are there images or videos of the moves in the guide? 

A: There are videos on the videos page of my website and an appendix in the guide!

Q: Can I do other workouts on top of your workouts say pure barre, orange theory, yoga, etc.? 

A: You need to listen to your body and see what works best for you, but I recommend not over doing it 

Q: How long will it be until I see results?

A: This varies for each individual, but usually anywhere from 4,8,12,16+ weeks you will see changes in the way you look and feel! 

Q: Can I repeat your program when I'm done? 

A: Of course!! I'm already on my second round and plan to challenge myself with more weight this time!