Transformations 1

What are you waiting for babe?! It's time to change your life!! My goal is for you is to step into your POWER, to realize how much you can accomplish when you set your mind to something! These women here are perfect examples of dedication, consistency, and change! You can be too! Let's do this!!


"I participated in the 8 weeks macros challenge and not only did my body transform, but also my CONFIDENCE! MK's coaching and program helped me learn to make healthier and sustainable changes to my diet. I feel great and now have the confidence to keep going!"


"I feel more comfortable and confident in my clothes and understanding how what I eat nourishes my body! I was so nervous to do the challenge but I stuck to it and was able to eat out, have drinks on the weekends, and commit to a way of life that makes me FEEL my best without any guilt!"


"I was blessed to have one of my closest friends introduce me to MK's program which ultimately changed my life. I finally feel empowered to enjoy all types of food again and not worry about cutting out foods. I fuel my body when I need it. I also discovered MK's workouts and after one I was HOOKED!"


2020 Challenge Winner!

"I watched you be a BEAST with the weights in the gym and thought I'm never gonna be able to do that and this girl is a savage."

"I kept watching, but not doing anything - then the pandemic hit. I had too much time on my hand, so me and my daughter started doing the 12 wk program. It was tough, I could barely breathe or move after each day. We kept motivating each other as well as your videos."
"You and your programs have helped me start getting to where I want to be - I have more work to do, but with your infectious drive I know I'm going to get there."


"I was able to come up with several great meals that are healthy and that I actually enjoy!"


"My biggest change that I’ve seen in my body is the amount of muscle strength that I’ve developed in the short months during your workouts."


"Working out consistently has been a transformational experience: exercise helped me feel better (more comfortable, proud, beautiful) with my body and that gave me a sense of self satisfaction and security I didn't have before."

Are you ready to transform?!